Private Mediation


Private divorce mediation is becoming increasingly popular. Private divorce mediation can take place before a divorce action is filed or at any time while the divorce action is pending. In private divorce mediation, the parties attempt to address all the issues involved in their divorce, including but not limited to issues of custody, the division of assets and debts, child support and maintenance. Whether or not the parties have their attorneys at private divorce mediation sessions is left up to the parties themselves. More times than not, the attorneys do not actually attend the sessions, but they work closely with their clients both before and after each mediation session to assist the parties in information gathering and consultation.

IMG_9999_67As with any mediation, the mediator’s goal is to assist the parties in working together to reach an amicable resolution that suits their needs and the needs of their family. When couples settle their own conflict during mediation, it tends to reduce the tension between the parties, which helps preserve relationships, strengthen co-parenting and provide a greater likelihood of compliance with the agreement. Private divorce mediation is also an efficient and cost-effective way to address any issues created by a divorce. Private divorce mediation also allows the parties to proceed through the divorce process more quickly and respects their concerns for confidentiality. While the typical divorce case can take several months or even a year or more, private divorce mediation can be concluded much quicker. Private divorce mediation cases generally require several sessions since they may involve financial matters as well as children’s issues.

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